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madinaty city is located on the eastern margin of Cairo, near to the Cairo-Suez Desert Road. The city is one of the first real estate projects in New Cairo. madinaty city is located nearby various other new cities, such as Al-Shoroq and Badr cities, in addition to the new compounds in the First and fifth settlements. Moreover, Madinaty city is connected to Cairo International Airport thanks to a new road that makes the duration of the journey less than 20 minutes.

How is madinaty City Connected to Cairo?

Thanks to its creative location, madinaty is connected to the majority of areas in Cairo. For instance, the Ring Road is connecting Madinaty to areas such as Maadi and Mokattam without being in need to go through the crowded roads in Cairo. Meanwhile, it takes 20 minutes only to go between madinaty and areas such as Heliopolis and Nasr City.

Areas Close to madinaty

madinaty city is located in New Cairo, nearby a lot of new compounds in the region. As shown in the next map, the city is very close to areas such as Banafseg and Koronfel in the First Settlement. Madinaty is also close to other areas in the First Settlement such as Narges and Yassmine. The city is also located nearby other areas in the Fifth Settlement and Police Academy.

Features and Services of madinaty:

madinaty city is considered among the best real estate projects in New Cairo. This due to the various features and services offered in the city as shown in the next map. Services provided in Madinaty city include two options for residence, villas and apartments, in addition to the sport club, the market, and the area of restaurants and cafes. Madinaty is also featuring huge green areas to ensure healthy atmosphere.

Food Court in madinaty City

Food Court in madinaty City Madinaty city is offering its residents and visitors various features and services. Among them is the Food Court Area in Madinaty. The area is hosting a wide range of restaurants and cafes that offer multiple options to Madinaty's residents. For instance, the Food Court includes a number of international names such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Hardee's, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Tikka chicken.

In addition, the Food Court in Madinaty includes restaurants offering traditional Egyptian food such as Al Shabrawy-Arbiata, and other restaurants serving Italian and Lebanese dishes.

Madinaty's Food Court also features a number of international cafes. For example, there are Costa, Cilantro, and Grand Café, which provide various options for the residents and visitors of Madinaty to spend a lovely time.

Malls in Madinaty

Madinaty city offers its residents a lot of services, among them are shopping and entertainment. The city features two large malls; each of them includes a lot of shops, restaurants, and cafes. For instance, the first mall in Madinaty features more than 30 shops, offering various products and services including cloths, perfumes, and furniture. In addition, the mall includes a number of restaurants such as Cook Door and Smiley's Grill.

On the other hand, the second mall in Madinaty features a group of shops offers products such as clothes, shoes, eye glasses, accessories and gift shops. The mall also includes a number of restaurants such as "Manoosh" that serves Lebanese dishes.

Moreover, malls in Madinaty include outlets providing other services such as pharmacies, money exchange agents, and shops for computer accessories.


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